Minazuki (水無月)

June 30 is "Nagoshi no Harae" in Japan.

On this day people atone for their sins in the first half of the year and pray for their heath for the next half of the year.

"Minazuki" is the Japanese sweets which people eat to pray for good health.

Adzuki bean is believed to remove bad luck in Japan.



30g Shiratamako(白玉粉 Mochi Powder)or Mochiko(もち粉 Mochi Powder)

30g Kudzuko (葛粉 arrowroot starch)

30g Cake Flour

70g Cane Sugar

160cc Water

120g Amanatto (甘納豆Adzuki Bean glacés. You can find it in a Japanese grocery store)


1. In a bowl, put shiratamako, kuzuko, sugar and mix together.

2. Add water in the bowl and mix well.

3. Strain the mixture through a sieve.

4. Set aside approximately 2 tbsp of the mixture.

5. Pour the mixture into wetted stainless container (11cm x 14cm).

6. Place the container in the steamer. Cover the pot with the kitchen towel, folding in all of the edges safely away from the heat, then press the lid on top for a tight seal.

7. Steam for 10 min.

8. Remove the container from the steamer and spread the amanatto over the entire surface. Pour the reserved 2 tbsp of the mixture on top.

9. Place the container into the steamer again and steam for 15 min.

10. Remove the container from steamer and let it cool slightly.

11. Place in a refrigerator to cool.

11. Cut into square pieces, and then cut each square into a triangle.