Ebi Shinjo (Shrimp Ball) Clear Soup


(For Ebi Shinjo)

200g Shrimps

50g Japanese Yam

1/2 Egg White

1/2 Tbsp Potato Starch

1/2 tsp Salt (For Clear Dashi Soup)

1 L Dashi

1 tsp Light Soy Sauce

1/2 tsp Salt 30g Carrot

10 stems Mitsuba

1 Yuzu

1.Peel and devein the shrimp.

2.Mince the shrimp with a knife.

3.Grind the Japanese yam with a suribachi grinder.

4.Add the minced shrimp in 3 and grind well until fluffy.

5.Add salt, egg white and potato starch. Mix well.

6.Pour the mixture into cups lined with plastic wrap.

7.Twist the top of the plastic wrap.

8.Steam them for 10 min in the steamer.

9.In a sauce pan, pour dashi and heat it up.

10. Add salt and light soy sauce into dashi.

11.Peel and slice the carrot into 3-4mm thick.

12.Boil the carrot for about 3-5min.

13.Boil the mitsuba for 30 second.

14.In the soup bowl, place the shrimp shinjo and arrange the mitsuba, carrot, and peeled yuzu on top.

15.Pour clear dashi soup into the bowl. *You can use a food processor instead of suribachi grinder!