Ume(plum) Cordial; a popular summertime beverage in Japan. It’s super easy to make!


500g Ume Plum

500g Rock Sugar (You can use Cane sugar, Agave Nector or Honey)

1. Pour hot water in a jar, rinse, dry completely.

2. Wash the plums and remove the stems. The stems are small and deep, so use a toothpick to dig them out.

3. Put ume plum and rock sugar in a jar. Place a layer of plums in the jar, then a layer of rock sugar, then a layer of plums, then a layer of rock sugar.

4. Store the jar in a cool, dark place for about 2 weeks. Shake the jar occasionally.

5. Remove the plums, store the syrup in the refrigerator.

6. Please enjoy it with a splash of water or sparkling water.


Home Made Amazake (fermented rice drink) ›

Amazake is a Japanese super healthy drink made from fermented rice.

No sugar added but it's sweet and delicious!

Amazake has many health and beauty benefits so I drink it everyday.


1 cup Rice Koji (You can find it in the Japanese grocery store)

1/2 cup Rice

3 cups Water

Thermos Bottle ( pre-heat the bottle with hot water)


1. Wash the rice with running water over 5 times until there is no more white rice starch coming out of it.

2. Drain the water and place the rice and 3 cups of water into the pot ( I use Le Creuset) .

3. Cover the lid and bring it to boil. ( It takes about 7 min)

4. When it comes to boil, reduce the heat to low and cook 12-13min.

5. After turning off the heat, let stand for 15min with lid.

6. Stir well and allow to cool to 140F (60C).

7, Add the rice koji and stir well.

8. Put the mixture into the pre- heated thermos bottle and keep it in 140F ( 60C) for 10-13 hours. ( If the temperature is too low, please reheat to 60 C(140F) . Do not heat...