Green Pea Rice with Salted Sakura

Salted Sakura Cherry Blossoms


10g Sakura Cherry Blossoms 10g

2 Tbsps Salt

10cc Ume Plum Vinegar

1. Rinse the cherry blossoms with water.

2. Pat dry with paper towel and put the cherry blossoms and salt into a small container.

3. Mix well and pour in the ume plum vinegar.

4. Cover the salt pickled cherry blossoms with plastic wrap and put a weight on top. Leave it for 3 days.

5. Squeeze the liquid out of the cherry blossoms and coat with salt.

6. Put the salted cherry blossoms on a paper towel and dry for 3 days.

7. Place the cherry blossoms into a small glass container and add some salt.

Rinse with water before use.

You can keep it for 1 year.

Green Pea Rice

100g English Peas

3 Cups Sushi Rice

3 Cups Water

2 tsps Salt

1 Tbsp Sake

2.5×5 inch Dried Kombu

1. Cook the English peas in salted boiling water for about 2 min.

2. Wash the rice with filtered water over 5 times until there is no more white rice starch coming out of it.

3. Drain the water and let stand for 30min.

4. Place the rice in a large pot. ( I used Japanese clay pot 'Donabe') Add water, salt, sake and kombu.

5. Cover the lid and bring it to boil. ( It takes about 7 min)

6. When it comes to boil, reduce the heat to low and cook 12-13min.

7. Add the English peas and let stand for 15min with lid.