Simmered Apple with Kuzu

There is a wisdom that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Kuzu Powder is an natural and organic way to prevent and heal the sickness in Japan.

Kuzu is a starch widely used in Japan for thickening sauces.

Apple and Kuzu is a great combination especially in the flu season!

Ingredients (Serve 4)

2 Apples

1/2 cup Apple Juice

3 tbsp Kuzu Powder

6 tbsp Water

1. Peel the apple skin and cut into 8 pieces.

2. Put the apple and water into the pan and cook covered at medium-low heat for 15 min.

3. Dissolve kuzu powder in apple juice and add into the pan.

4. Stir gently until the liquid is clear by wooden spoon.