Japanese Stuffed Peppers

Ingredients (Serves 4-5)

5 Japanese Pepper

1/2 lb Ground Pork

1/2 Onion (Minced)

1 Egg

1 tsp Grate Ginger

1/2 Salt

2 Tbsps Flour

1 cup Dashi

2 Tbsps Soy Sauce

1 Tbsp Mirin

1 Tbsp Sugar ( I used Beet Sugar)

1 Tbsp Katakuriko (Potato Starch)

1 Tbsp Water

1. Cut each pepper in half length wise, then remove the seeds and stems. Coat the inside of the peppers with flour using a fine mesh strainer.

2. Put the ground pork and salt in a large bowl. Using your hands, mix until it is evenly combined.

3. Add minced onion, egg and ginger, then mix well.

4. Spoon the pork mixture into the pepper shells and sprinkle with flour to cover the surface.

5. In a large frying pan, heat oil over medium heat. Place the stuffed peppers meat side down. Cook until the surface becomes golden brown, then flip them over. Cook the other side of the peppers for about 3 min with the lid on.

6. Add dashi, soy sauce, sugar, mirin. Cover and simmer for 5 min.

7. In a small bowl, put katakuriko and water, then mix well.

8. Add the katakuriko mixture to the frying pan.

9. Place the stuffed peppers on serving plates, pour the sauce over the stuffed peppers.